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            Fuel Injection Gear Pumps
            Graded cast iron is used in the production of fuel injection gear pumps. This type of pump is positive displacement internal gear pump that is known for better performance without any leakage. High pressure gear pump is meant to run liquid.

            Internal Gear Pumps
            Whether it is thin liquid or thick liquid, an internal gear pump can be used for all types of liquid. At high pressure, this type of pump can maintain a constant flow. 

            Piston Pumps
            This range of  piston pumps is suitable for high pressure based application purpose. These show excellent suction performance. These can be availed in different specifications to suit precise application needs.
            Dewatering Pump
             Dewatering Pumps are used as integral parts of sewage treatment plants and mine dewatering works. These energy efficient pumps have easy to comprehend mechanism. Long working life is one of their main features.
            Oil Transfer Pump
            Oil Transfer Pumps are used for smooth conveying of crude and vegetable oils having different viscosity levels. Made of solid iron, these pumping systems are perfect choise for medium pressure prone working conditions.
            Gear Pumps
            Gear Pumps are required for smooth transferring of fluids having different viscosity level. These are capable of enduring high discharge pressure. High operating speed and low noise operation are their main features.

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